Top 5 The Rolling Stones

When Yankee great Joe DiMaggio made appearances at sporting events and mall openings, he would insist upon being introduced as the world’s greatest living baseball player.  At a time when Ted Williams, Wille Mays, Mickey Mantle and Hank Aaron still walked the earth, it was a false claim, but like being the King of PopContinue reading “Top 5 The Rolling Stones”

Top 5 New Wave (Second British Invasion)

As the Punks grew up and learned to play their instruments, the music changed and became more sophisticated. At the same time executives in the music business wanted to shy away from the the rawness and violence Punk Rock projected so Punk Rock was repackaged and marketed as many new forms of music; Post Punk,Continue reading “Top 5 New Wave (Second British Invasion)”

Top 5 Bob Dylan Songs

No one has impacted the American music, literature, and culture more than Bob Dylan. In fact you could probably argue that he has impacted popular culture around the world on the level of Shakespeare or Beethoven. On our third episode Louis and Mike discuss their perspective of Bob Dylan through their 5 favorite songs. CLICKContinue reading “Top 5 Bob Dylan Songs”

Top 5 Beatles Solo Songs

On our premiere episode we decided to discuss the solo careers of all four members of the Beatles.  After the Fab Four called it quits, John, Paul, George, and Ringo continued to collaborate, compete, and combat with one another.  We each picked our 5 favorite songs from the vast catalog of solo material.  As usualContinue reading “Top 5 Beatles Solo Songs”