Top 5 Yacht Rock

Although we do not like the term Yacht Rock, it represents an important and influential time in popular music. As the Baby Boom generation matured into their 30’s and 40’s, many members transitioned into a subset named the Me Generation.  In the late 1950’s and throughout the 1960’s, the Baby Boomers changed pop culture foreverContinue reading “Top 5 Yacht Rock”

Top 5 70’s Movies

The movie industry reached it’s mid-life crisis in the 1970’s as dark realism and nostalgia crept into all genres.  The major studios embraced outsiders blurring the lines between major and independent influencing nearly every movie that came after. On this episode Louis and Mike discuss their five favorite movies released in the 1970’s and of courseContinue reading “Top 5 70’s Movies”

Top 5 The Who / Pete Townshend

The Who may be the world’s loudest band, but they may also be the most creative.  While the song writing and recording got more and more complex, they never stopped taking their unique version of Rock ‘n’ Roll to the stage demonstrating that they were never shy of the spotlight.  Roger Daltrey the shirtless andContinue reading “Top 5 The Who / Pete Townshend”

Top 5 90’s Alternative Rock

According to pop culture author and essayist Chuck Klosterman, the 90’s may be the last decade to be easily defined by itself. After the fury of Grunge abated, Rock became dominated by what was called Alternative music. From singer songwriters to just short of heavy metal, everybody was included under the Alternative umbrella. It wasContinue reading “Top 5 90’s Alternative Rock”

Top 5 Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Sometimes Young

CSN & Sometimes Y are not quite a band and not quite a super group.  More accurately they are a collective of solo artists collaborating to make their individual songs better.  Since 1969 they came together and split apart working solo, in duos and trios and sometimes as a quartet.  Alongside their peers (Joni Mitchel,Continue reading “Top 5 Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Sometimes Young”

Top 5 The Rolling Stones

When Yankee great Joe DiMaggio made appearances at sporting events and mall openings, he would insist upon being introduced as the world’s greatest living baseball player.  At a time when Ted Williams, Wille Mays, Mickey Mantle and Hank Aaron still walked the earth, it was a false claim, but like being the King of PopContinue reading “Top 5 The Rolling Stones”

Top 5 New Wave (Second British Invasion)

As the Punks grew up and learned to play their instruments, the music changed and became more sophisticated. At the same time executives in the music business wanted to shy away from the the rawness and violence Punk Rock projected so Punk Rock was repackaged and marketed as many new forms of music; Post Punk,Continue reading “Top 5 New Wave (Second British Invasion)”