Top 5 Yacht Rock

Although we do not like the term Yacht Rock, it represents an important and influential time in popular music. As the Baby Boom generation matured into their 30’s and 40’s, many members transitioned into a subset named the Me Generation.  In the late 1950’s and throughout the 1960’s, the Baby Boomers changed pop culture forever and at the same time scared the hell out of their parents, but nothing softens the edges like age.  Icons like Eric Clapton, CSN, Neil Young, Paul McCartney, Jefferson Airplane, and others started to share a more personal musical journey reflecting their own lives and the lives of their 30 something fans. This and the rise of the singer songwriter, led to an abundance of thoughtful love songs, story songs, and soul-searching self-reflection.  Whether you call it Easy Listening, Soft Rock, The West Coast Sound, or Yacht Rock, there is no doubt this music lives on and influences current and future artists.

As charter members of Generation X, Louis and Mike experienced a lot of this firsthand as the adults around us grappled with adulthood after the turbulent 1960’s and during the laid back yet stressful 1970’s.  On this episode we discuss the music of this time as well as its connection to greater pop culture and our lives.

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