Top 5 The Rolling Stones

When Yankee great Joe DiMaggio made appearances at sporting events and mall openings, he would insist upon being introduced as the world’s greatest living baseball player.  At a time when Ted Williams, Wille Mays, Mickey Mantle and Hank Aaron still walked the earth, it was a false claim, but like being the King of Pop or the King of All Media, say it enough and it will become true in people’s minds.  There is no similar controversy surrounding The Rolling Stones.  They ARE the greatest Rock n Roll band of all time both from the studio and from the stage.  There was no one before and they created the template for all that followed. 

On the first episode of the second season of the 5v5 Podcast, Mike and Louis discuss The Rolling Stones legacy including Charlie Watts recent passing, The Beatles vs Stones debate, good saxophone, the dynamic between Mick and Keith, the fact that Bill Wyman is still alive, and of course their top 5 song choices. 

We apologize for some of the audio issues in this episode.  Sometimes the challenges of recording remotely (Louis is in New Hampshire and Mike is in Connecticut) rears its ugly head.  Also please note we are trying something new.  The Spotify version of this episode will include several of our song choices embedded into the episode.  For those of you listening via another service, please go to to gets links to the companion playlist for this episode which will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.  The playlists include all of Mike’s and Louis’ picks as well as other songs discussed during the episode. 

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