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Top 5 The Who / Pete Townshend

The Who may be the world’s loudest band, but they may also be the most creative.  While the song writing and recording got more and more complex, they never stopped taking their unique version of Rock ‘n’ Roll to the stage demonstrating that they were never shy of the spotlight.  Roger Daltrey the shirtless andContinue reading “Top 5 The Who / Pete Townshend”

Top 5 90’s Alternative Rock

According to pop culture author and essayist Chuck Klosterman, the 90’s may be the last decade to be easily defined by itself. After the fury of Grunge abated, Rock became dominated by what was called Alternative music. From singer songwriters to just short of heavy metal, everybody was included under the Alternative umbrella. It wasContinue reading “Top 5 90’s Alternative Rock”

Top 5 The Beatles

At the end of the last episode, we promised that the next subject would take us closer to the present, but then we both watched the Get Back Documentary by Peter Jackson and had to talk about it.  The Beatles are ubiquitous; not only as a result of their recordings, but also because an argumentContinue reading “Top 5 The Beatles”

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